Dermal Fillers Treatment

Dermal Fillers can be used to enhance the facial contours, facial lines and wrinkles particularly around the eyes, nose and lips.

At Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic, we use a range of Dermal fillers from different pharmaceutical companies around the world. There is a wide range of products that can be used in combination or as stand alone treatments. They cover most of the areas of the face and many areas of the body.

Many Dermal fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid, a natural product found in the body, which gives a smooth natural finish to facial lines and wrinkles. The current Restylane range, for example, includes; Restylane Lyft, Restylane Classic, Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital, Restylane Kysse among others. Others Dermal fillers are made from different type of substance. Radiesse, for example, is made of Calcium Hydroxylapatite. Each type of filler has it's advantages and disadvantages. These will be discussed at your consultation.

Which Dermal fillers do you use?

Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic uses a wide range of fillers from a number of different international pharmaceutical companies. This way we can try to tailor the treatments to the needs of our clients. We do, however, try to use the most reliable and well known Dermal fillers on the market. This may not be the cheapest option but it is certainly the best option for our clients.

We tend to buy from the following Dermal filler companies: Galderma (the Restylane Range), Allergan (the Juvederm range), Merz Aesthetics (the Belotero and Radiesse range) and HA-Derma (the Profhilo range).

How long will Dermal Fillers treatment take?

Dermal filler treatment time depends on the total area to be treated. An average treatment time would be around 30 to 45 minutes, although a 1 hour appointment slot is usually booked in order to allow sufficient time.

How many Dermal Fillers treatments are required?

This very much depends on the type of dermal filler which is being used. Some dermal fillers will be administered as part of a course of treatment, such as Restylane Vital or Profhilo. Others will be be stand alone treatments that will require just one session. Occasionally you may wish to have more filler added once the swelling has settled and the results of the previous treatment session are more apparent.

At Bexhill Cosmetic Clinic, we charge per syringe of product used. We do not charge for a result per se, as results may vary between individuals and over time in the same individual. Therefore, if you have treatment and then feel that you would like more of an effect, you may wish to return for another session of treatment where additional product is injected.

It is important to understand that the very nature of how Dermal fillers treatments are adminstered (i.e. by injection) will result in some degree of swelling post treatment. This is unavoidable. Our practictioners will do their best, with their experience, to make sure that the results are as even as possible. However sometimes swelling can mask the results slightly. If you feel that you need extra filler to even out areas after the swelling has subsided, you will still need to pay for that filler, as we only charge per syringe used. Any unused product will then be used in other areas, and not be wasted. Fortunately, due to the skill and care shown by our practitioners, this is rarely required.

Dermal Fillers ...Is the treatment painful?

Generally a local topical anaesthetic may be required for treatment, depending on the client’s pain tolerance. However, it is recommended to have pain relief for lip treatment.

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